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NEED HELP, Need work: Hello - I'm new to this site and of course I found it because I have a situation which

Fidelity started this conversation
Hello - I'm new to this site and of course I found it because I have a situation which feels very dire, no one to talk to and cannot find help. I was hoping to see if people have ever gotten emergency help from this site.

I noticed one member posted that only people in need are visiting this site rather than those able to help. I am not sure how to approach my situation in asking for help since I so rarely ever rely on anyone but myself but this time I have to swallow my pride.

Any reply is kind and welcome.
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where are you located
Talk to willingtohelp
Try theses sites...Also when u drop off a application don't just leave
stay there and get interviewed, look him in eyes, have cool vibe-personality
you should get a call back within a few days.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Fidelity
@fidelity. I appreciate your helping at the local college. Can you look for a shelter nearby at which you can volunteer? (for homeless, or battered women, children, or poor)
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Fidelity   in reply to goodnewsforyou
About a third of the people who use this program are women.
More than half are working to re-enter the workforce to provide for more than one or more children and a spouse.
I do not get paid.
This is a worker rehabilitation program provided as a community service.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to bookworm2011
@bookworm, why not you help them financially? in your earlier posts you said you have several houses etc.
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goodnewsforyou   in reply to Fidelity
@fidelity yes, I can pay $50 towards a bus pass. What is, "my error in thinking that I could get bus fare, internet and electricity"? I dont understand.
I would prefer if you help at a shelter (for homeless, or battered women, children) rather than the local college. Local college will not count. Are they paying you?
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Fidelity   in reply to goodnewsforyou
I read it but you're correct - my error in thinking that I could get bus fare, internet and electricity. That said, if I can use this for a bus pass, I'd like to accept the offer. Thank you.
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@fidelity please read my earlier posts $50 towards a bill, in exchange for 5 hours of volunteering.
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justme101   in reply to bookworm2011
i know what you mean i am stuck in a DEAD END town in tennessee no jobs no car even if there was a job more peopel are loosing their jobs dailey every were from BAD ECONAMY thanks to mr obama thanks for the advice bookworm 2011
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Fidelity   in reply to bookworm2011
Thanks for the response. Any information is probably the help I need. I definitely would appreciate any resources - especially for Washington state since I no income and all of the cash assistance programs are gone. I can't even make phone calls at this point so it's becoming increasingly impossible to reach out at this moment. I'm not sure what to do.
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you are probably not going to receive the kind of help you need. Many of the people helping financially have left the site but there are some here that will give you really great information or emotional support.Hope that helps.
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